Energy Saving Product

Too much electricity bills ?

Nullify the effect of increased tariff rates with this air-cond energy-saving device.
Save up to 30% energy consumption for your air-cond units 
Save Energy..Save Money !

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We know you will love our products because we know our clients love commonsense technologies like bicycles as much as they do complex new stuff like hybrid cars. 

Coolnomix  products,  which  upgrades  a conventional  air  conditioner  by using our Uptimized Refrigerant Supply (ORS) control technology to reduce AC load and running time, certainly seems to be the real "Big Green" deal. Our case studies claim a 24% to a 47% overall energy savings. A typical AC compressor unit has a design life of around 15 years or more; so, saving 30% of operating costs every year should result in a decent payback.   Extensive  testing in the last few  years over a few  region has continue to achieved consistence result and saving. Since the electricity tariff increased at the beginning of Year 2014, Coolnomix has become the BEST selling model. 

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