Welcome to Coolnomix

Welcome to Coolnomix, The art of Cool

We are now offering the latest Coolnomix technology, the uitimate energy saving device that improve energy efficiency and save money.

All COOLNOMIX™ products have dual temperature sensors to make use of a unique, patented advanced control technology called Optimized Refrigerant Supply (ORS™). All products using this algorithmic energy trading approach align with the objective, to reduce running costs by 30% worldwide in all types of refrigerant based air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration installations.

Suitable applications

COOLNOMIX™ AC-01 is suitable for any air conditioning system that is either refrigerant based or split system installations. COOLNOMIX™ technology delivers the following benefits;

· Reduced power consumption by up to 30% (in some cases even higher)

· Easily fitted to eliminate any need for heating to prevent icing of the evaporator


· Built in audible alarm in the event of cooling failure

· A new temperature control system for precision air conditioning equipment like

Data Centers.

· Minimized running costs compared with the best modern inverter systems

Coolnomix Technology

All Coolnomix product employs patented Optimized Refrigerant Supply (ORS) with two temperature sensors to monitor the thermodynamic (room and space temperature) and the hydraulic (refrigerant supply) performance of the air conditioning, heating or refrigeration system to ensure that running costs are always optimized against required comfort/ space cooling needs.

The ORS advanced control system then starts and stops the compressor at appropriate times to optimise running costs consistence with the inbuilt algorithmic energy trading system.

The ORS algorithm encompasses processes to protect the air-conditioner compressor:

  • the motor runs for a minimum time to allow windings to cool down

  • compressor re-starts only take place when all high-pressure refrigerant has been used up (zero differential pressure across the compressor)

  • Unrivalled energy saving performance compare with the best modern inverter systems.

  • Improve temperature stability and comfort assurance.

  • Improve air quality and reduce carbon footprints.

  • Zero dripping or icing up, thereby eliminating any need for heating equipment.

  • Improve performance and reliability.