Lightning & Power Surge Protection

Boulevard Engineering Sdn Bhd has the BEST Surge Protection Device (SPD) which is back by the most admired 25 years warranty in the industry, with 10 modes of protection and lowest "Let-Through Voltage", we are simply the best, Boulevard Engineering is the SOLE DISTRIBUTOR for SineTamer in Malaysia.

SineTamer is leading edge Surge protective device (SPD) in the world today, we set the industry standards for quality, performance and customer satisfaction and are devoted to continually raising that bar. Sine Tamer is your surge protection solution, we ARE the STANDARD !.

By specializing and focusing all of R&D on surge protection, Sine Tamer deliver only the highest-performing, award-winning and the best TVSS/SPDs (surge protective devices), including power panel, individual equipment, telecom and data protection. Back by the most admired 25 years warranty in the industry, Sine Tamer lines of SPDs cover all range of power needs from .5VDC to 7200VAC.

"SineTamer® Surge Protection Devices (SPD) are certified to UL1449 3rd Edition Type I, II and III applications, they have passed a series of tests as recommended by IEC 61643 and are now compliant for IEC Class II & III. These are universal SPDs for protection against voltage, current and frequency transients induced from lightning, switching, electromagnetic pulses (EMP), electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference(RFI).

Sine Tamer products has extensive application across a full range of industrial, commercial, residential and military sectors. We are proud to provide SPDs on shipboard applications for the U.S. Navy as well as a number of domestic and foreign installations for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force.

A Surge Protective Device is only as good as it's durability, let-through voltage capability and user friendly functionality. Our engineering and design emphasis has always been focused on these simple yet critical factors that makes SineTamer® the Industries Leading Design & Performance. A few of the key features include - Voltage Responsive Circuitry; Frequency Attenuation Network Circuit Encapsulation; The Discrete "All Mode" Protection Advantage.

With SineTamer we have forged strong partnerships with Guinness Anchor Berhad, The Bernama, Sawit Raya, Radio 24, BERNAMA, Petronas, Celcom Axiata, Heineken Bhd, ON Semi Conductor, Kimberly Clark, GE Healthcare, PPUM, YTLC, Engtex, METEX Steel, CH Reinforcing, GVR Genting, TechnoGYM Malaysia, EQ Hotel, The International School of KL, Coca-Cola, SAB Miller, Chevron, BMW, Siemens, Ford, The United States Navy, Toyota, Nike, The American Embassy, PROTON, ABB, PETROBRAS, PDVSA, Schlumberger, BAKER HUGHES, TOSHIBA, REPSOL and Petro Peru to mention by a few, through providing effective working solutions to these companies.