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The protection gear you'll find here is everything but run of the mill.

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All electrical protection equipment is not created equal. Not just any surge protector or TVSS unit will provide you with the results you'll receive from our gear.

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Unmatched Quality and Performance

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With the right gear in the right location these power surge incidents will be mitigated or prevented. From internally generated surges to lightning protection...we have the solution.

If you are serious about equipment protection our products can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in equipment damage, repair or replacement.

Review our information and see how the best protection options can benefit your business or home. We offer individual gear or complete TVSS systems customized to your needs.

Power protection products range from .5 volts DC to 7200 volts AC. You'll also find data and telecom line protection as well.

Say no to transient voltage and yes to longer equipment life, less down time, catastrophic protection and peace of mind.

Not only do we provide top quality equipment...but we also provide service. We'll help you place the right equipment in the right locations for the most effective performance.

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Boulevard Engineering Sdn. Bhd. specializes in providing the best surge protector options available today.You will find TVSS products and systems designed for industrial, commercial, military and residential applications.

All low-voltage products are backed by the industry's most complete warranty.

We provide High Tech products...These are not run of the mill, commodity type, off-the-shelf units.