Living Skill Project

Another project by FuziMagic to train the orphanage with LIVING SKILL, Sponsored by Ajinomoto, the program was conducted at Ajinomoto HQ, media coverage by BERNAMA.


Participants busy preparing Nasi Lemak and Cucur Udang

Food testing by the VIP's; Director of Ajinomoto, General Manager of BERNAMA and Pn. Fuzi Hanim

Media coverage by The BERNAMA news

Rumah Kasih is our new home..17 lovely girls..Yes, we have identified 5 girls who will

be joining us for the AJINOMOTO new Culinary class. This is Fuzimagic gift to them, an experience to learn cooking, inspiring n empowering them.

LOVE, CARE and SUPPORT for the less fortunate.