About Us

About Us

Boulevard Engineering Sdn. Bhd. is the sole representative for Sine Tamer & Coolnomix products and services in Malaysia.

If you have found our site and are not from our geographical service region (or country)…Don't worry. Simply contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions via email or phone.

If we can, we'll pay you a visit in person.

That is just one of the ways we go the extra distance for the customer…when at all possible, we provide in-person service.

What are the benefits of our in-person services?

  • On-site surveys: We'll come out to your location, take a look at your situation and then sit down with you and discuss your best options.

  • Install assistance: We come back during the installation process to make sure the gear is in the best possible location and the install done for best overall results.

  • Post-install follow-up: We come back to make sure the gear is operating properly…and of course…to say "Hello"!

Boulevard Engineering Sdn. Bhd. and Sine Tamer® believe service is just as important as the quality of products offered. We always treat our customers as we would want them to treat us…with honesty, integrity and reliability.

Sine Tamer® and its affiliated companies are manufacturers and suppliers of multiple lines of surge protector devices, also known as surge suppressors, SPD's or TVSS.

Unit protection levels range from .5V DC to 7200 AC. Data and Telecommunication line products and custom applications are also available. All low-voltage products are backed by 15 - 25 year of "No Hassle" warranty.

Sine Tamer® gear cannot be found "on-the-shelf" at any discount store or on the shelf at any supply house. All surge protector (TVSS) gear provided is high quality high performance and industrial/commercial grade.

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