Sine Tamer SPD

Why Our Power Surge

Protector Gear Is

The Right Gear For You

Power surge protector gear is commonly known by many different names or descriptions. It's commonly referred to as TVSS, transient voltage surge suppressor gear, suppressors and SPD to name just a few.

Just because the names or descriptions are similar...doesn't mean the different gear on the market are designed or perform the same.

Sine Tamer® transient voltage surge suppressor gear is not the average "off the shelf" mass-produced commodity type equipment. Our SPD gear designs do more for your electronics and electrical system than just mitigate standard impulse surges.

This is not just a marketing claim. It's a result of a determined design approach to providing the best surge protector options available.

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Our power surge protector gear is often imitated...but rarely duplicated!

Unmatched Quality Design

Discrete All Mode Protection

Our high performance SPD units employ a true Discrete All Mode Protection design. This design provides independent protection elements for all possible electrical pathways (modes) in a given electrical system.

Why This Design Provides Superior Protection:

    • There is no sharing of protection components to protect a pathway (mode) in our gear. If there is an electrical pathway in the system…we protect it with individual components. We don't use two protection components to protect three pathways, or four to protect ten or seven to protect ten. If there are ten modes, we protect all ten directly.

    • We don't skip protecting a pathway altogether claiming surges don't occur in that mode. Why anyone would even claim surges don't occur in a particular electrical mode is confusing...because they do. This fact has been proven in-the-field and can be found stated in numerous electrical industry publications.

    • Voltage Equalization. By bonding all pathways (modes) to the same potential (our gear design) you create voltage equalization during a surge event. Our design mitigates power surges AND equalizes the voltage during a surge event.

Optimal Response Circuitry

Designed to mitigate repetitive high-energy impulse transients generated by lightning, power system faults and load switching. This Voltage Responsive multi-level hybrid network provides the brute strength and durability needed to handle repetitive high amplitude transients.

  • This technology is standard on all Sine Tamer® units.

  • Patented, internal over-current fusing techniques and component level thermal fusing assures these are the safest devices available.

Frequency Attenuation Network

This technology can be added to our standard unit and is designed to protect critical electronic circuits and microprocessors.

If you have electronics…this is your gear option.

  • Frequency Attenuation Network technology employs a multi-stage hybrid design blending our Optimal Response Circuitry with advanced Frequency Responsive performance.

  • The resulting hybrid design suppresses internally generated ringwave transients down to harmless levels, yet is still capable of handling thousands of repetitive high-energy impulse surges. This combination provides a level of durability and performance that is unmatched.

  • Without our Frequency Attenuation Network technology…your sensitive equipment is susceptible to repetitive damaging ringwave transients.

  • Do not confuse our Frequency Attenuation Network technology with EMI/RFI Filtering or partial Sinewave Tracking technology. EMI/RFI Filtering nor partial Sinewave Tracking circuitry performs to our Frequency Attenuation Network technology.

Circuit Encapsulation

All Sine Tamer® power surge protector devices utilize high dielectric circuit encapsulation. This technology is widely used in high-end, mil-speck, industrial and commercial applications. The encapsulation enhances the Let-through voltage performance by reducing the overall size of the device. Durability and longevity is improved by increasing circuit integrity.


Because of our commitment to provide a superior SPD design that is built to last...we can afford to back that equipment up with a rock solid warranty. There are no outlandish claims made by our warranty...and as fine print "nuggets" of reality that many other products contain. We couldn't support this warranty if our products didn't perform.

All high performance units are backed with our 15 - 25 Year "No Hassle"Warranty - Includes lightning strikes.

If you demand real results from power surge protector gear...we'll deliver the high quality high performance units you need.